Bank offers loan for pregnant women.

A loan during pregnancy? It is often only a question of choosing the right provider to get the loan approved. How to do it, more on this in the article.

Credit during pregnancy – make preparations for the child

Credit during pregnancy - make preparations for the child

In the context of pregnancy, many questions of life were raised anew. The men’s focus is no longer on the latest sports car. The view now falls on the offers of the comfortable family coaches. A station wagon is very popular. Of course, the wishes and consumer behavior of women also change. It is no longer the latest cell phone or beauty vacation that inspires the hearts of women. Practical things around the baby are now considered.

There is a lot to change in the home or home with a view to the next generation. A loan during pregnancy is therefore not uncommon. Implementing the loan request now, since both are still working full, is a very sensible idea. With the later parental allowance, it will be extremely difficult to get a loan. Increased seizure allowances and the loss of income make the loan approval with parental allowance a game of chance.

Recognize the first credit hurdles

Recognize the first credit hurdles

In this situation, young couples believe in good understanding of their local credit institution. The business relationship is trustworthy, previous credit requests could easily be implemented. This trust is often bitterly disappointed.

Having a child is a message the world can experience. After all, the purpose of togetherness is to give a child life in an orderly manner. Most of the parents-to-be almost burst with pride at the latest when the clerk asks what the loan is needed for. If the rounded belly does not already reveal, the pregnancy will be announced at the latest now.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the urgent loan is not approved. A child is not a disease, but it almost seems that the credit world is treating it that way. The risk to the loan increases in the eyes of every lender. Soon the wife’s working income will give way to parental allowance. This is a social benefit and is therefore not attachable. Whether the mother will return to her job later is also extremely questionable. In view of the difficult future prospects, income is no longer sufficient to grant credit.

Credit for pregnant women, mastering credit hurdles

Credit for pregnant women, mastering credit hurdles

For the loan during pregnancy it is unfortunately the best not to appear in person at the lender. Direct banks give you the opportunity to do this. The credit reason formerly “renovation and furnishing of the children’s room” becomes a “renovation loan”. If you are asked about pregnancy, it is at least legally very questionable whether this question is even admissible.

Important credit risks must be called “voluntary”. Nevertheless, the Basic Law protects the privacy. What can be more intimate than carrying a child under your heart?

If a lender really complains about an pregnancy that is not mentioned, the problem must be dealt with calmly. If there were really trouble, the press would guarantee the credit institution and rightly eat it. Not to mention, maybe not even knowing, is the safest way to get pregnant during pregnancy.

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