Credit with immediate approval despite credit bureau.


A loan with immediate approval despite Credit Bureau is one of the offers of the credit brokerage industry. The offers are formulated almost like an ordinary online loan. With the loan conditions – what to look for, the contribution deals with it.

Credit with immediate approval despite Credit Bureau basics

Credit with immediate approval despite Credit Bureau basics

The loan with immediate approval despite Credit Bureau is heavily advertised. In the past, the wording of the advertising was characterized by lurid statements. Loans without Credit Bureau are advertised today with phrases from the normal online business of direct banks.

Nevertheless, the choice of words must not hide the fact that “without Credit Bureau” it is not a normal loan. Regardless of the personal requirements, the loan request becomes a special loan case by excluding Credit Bureau. In this case, the loan is neither reported to Credit Bureau, nor is its data requested for credit approval.

There are two possible reasons for the borrower to use this form of credit. The loan is disguised. Without the entry in the Credit Bureau, it does not deteriorate the applicant’s creditworthiness. Those who still have large credit plans, for example want to finance a house, can protect their creditworthiness in this way.

Credit despite bad Credit Bureau

Credit despite bad Credit Bureau

Usually, the loan is sought with immediate approval despite Credit Bureau against the background of bad Credit Bureau information. Fulfilling a credit wish under these conditions usually has less to do with economic considerations.

We are looking for a way out of a credit crunch. The solution options of the credit brokerage industry, everyone should be clear about this, should not be confused with the price structure of a normal online loan.

A loan without Credit Bureau costs about twice. In order to balance the current account, this is mostly economic nonsense. At around 11.62 percent, the interest cost of a risk loan is within the range of the overdraft interest rate or even higher.

Bad credit credit – application options

Bad credit credit - application options

The majority of all offers in the credit brokerage sector go back to a loan provider from Liechtenstein. Lite Bank stands behind the offers.

There is no online instant confirmation, such as is partially offered by the credit brokerage industry, when applying directly. The application can be downloaded from an online document. It will only be checked once the application documents have been received by the lender in full by post.

The following credit conditions for direct application or through the credit broker are the same.

Loan terms

Loan terms

Without different Credit Bureau, two different loan amounts are awarded. The standard loan enables a net borrowing of 3,500 USD. A second variant allows the net loan amount of 5,000 USD to be taken up. With the standard loan, an effective annual interest rate of 11.62 percent must be expected. The second variant works with 11.61 percent effective interest per year.

The system of possible terms is rigidly limited to 40 months. An early loan repayment is only possible against payment of prepayment interest. The monthly installments amount to USD 105.95 for a loan of USD 3,500 and USD 151.35 for USD 5,000. A total of 4,238 USD will be paid back for the standard variant, and 6,054 USD for the 5,000 USD alternative.

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